Thursday, September 26, 2013

Boris Johnson opens Kings Cross Square

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Open for business: King’s Cross Square

Given its unfinished state only a couple of days ago, this must have one of the most kick bollock scramble ends to a project in construction history, but apart from a fenced off corner by the taxi rank, King’s Cross Square was opened on time by Boris Johnson this morning.

Congratulations to all who worked so hard to make this happen, such as Paul here:

Left to right
Network Rail’s chief executive David Higgins, Transport secretary Patrick McLoughlin and mayor Boris Johnson at the square’s opening this morning.

Full flow
A typically eloquent Boris pointed out that finally St Pancras can no longer look down on its ugly sister King’s Cross.

Speeches ended with the release of red white and blue streamers from the station roof.

Good news story
Eugene O‚ÄôRegan and Dean Willson’s famous newsstand was under threat of not getting a space in the new square (see stories here and here), and although they told me today that their future is still not guaranteed, the fact that they are here at all must be a good sign.