Monday, July 30, 2012

Four cool things about Kings Cross and the Olympics

1. Invented here: the amazing Olympic cauldron

You could be forgiven for thinking that this rather gloomy gateway on Gray’s Inn Road is a tradesmen’s entrance for the King’s Cross Travelodge next door, but look closely at the buzzer and you will see that it’s the home of Heatherwick studio, creators of the stunning olympic cauldron.

  • heatherwick1.jpg
  • heatherwick2.jpg

2. Free lollies and free water

East Midlands Trains are giving away free strawberry lollies to arriving passengers at St Pancras, while the Salvation Army have people scattered about the area handing out free bottled water, although this poor chap had just tipped over his trolley.

  • lolly.jpg
  • water.jpg

3. Art and installations

Have some fun making shapes with Songboard, brought to you by students from nearby Central Saint Martins or head up the steps in front of St Pancras to look at Tripes by Alexander Calder, 1898–1976. (But why all the fencing?!)

  • soundboard.jpg
  • sculpture.jpg

4. Fun and games

The upright piano inside St Pancras proved so popular that they added another and have extended their time here. For the more energetic, there are two ping pong tables in the space between the stations.

  • piano.jpg
  • wiff_waff.jpg

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