Monday, April 2, 2012

Goose update: nest reclaimed

A few weeks ago I posted the sad story of the geese whose nest was no longer available because it had been boarded up, along with pics and a video containing some loud goose-honking.


On March 23rd I noticed that the previously covered wooden barrel had had its lid removed, and took this pic of the geese inspecting the site:


They then disappeared for a few days, so it was hard to know what was going on.

Yesterday after returning from weekend away I was pleased to see a sight that has become familiar over the last few years - that of a contented goose sitting on the nest:


I haven’t bumped into the boat owners to find out their side of the story, but am assuming they either had a change of heart or found the noisy protest by the determined fowl even more disruptive than having them nesting on the end of the boat.

I will post again if there’s more news - hopefully involving the arrival of this year’s goslings.