Monday, March 26, 2012

11 new places to eat and drink in Kings Cross station

If you can lower your gaze from the striking new roof, what comes into view is an interesting and varied selection of restaurants and cafés, several of which are venturing into a station for the first time.

Click on the pictures or names below for more photos and information about each place.

Benito’s Hat
Colourful Mexican takeaway/café - they have three other branches in town and a growing fanclub.

Giraffe Stop
If you know Giraffe already you may be expecting lots of orange and lots of kids, but “Giraffe Stop” - as this one is called - feels more like an American diner. Their menu is less child-oriented too, but by offering plenty of burgers and hotdogs should still keep everyone happy.

Leon’s ethos of fresh fast food has helped them develop something of a cult following over the last few years and this is a lovely branch inside one of the original parts of the station.

Yalla Yalla
Looking at their two other restaurants it’s perhaps a shame that Lebanese street food chain Yalla Yalla have only taken on a small counter upstairs at King’s Cross, but the mezze, wraps and pastries still look interesting and tasty.

The Parcel Yard
This new pub from Fullers is rather good - I’ve already sung its praises and posted several pics here.

Pick-your-own sushi or get a ready made selection from Wasabi who now have 25 branches in and around London.

I’ve never been in a Prezzo but have always seen them as like Pizza Express but a bit smarter. Anyway we’re not flooded with pizza places in King’s Cross so no harm in adding this one to the mix.

The Pasty Shop
Perhaps it’s just a design and branding thing but The Pasty Shop doesn’t look as nice as West Cornwall Pasty who were at King’s Cross but now have just the one branch over in St Pancras. Maybe when you’re in the mood to scoff down a pasty before boarding a train there’s not much difference.

Pret a Manger
We have five Prets round here now, so not much to say really. Being strategically placed between the tube escalators and the new concourse it’s likely to get pretty busy.

And four Starbucks. This one’s very small, so they’ll be expecting you to grab your coffee and move on as you head to or from your train.

Upper Crust
Reliable but not particularly thrilling station baguette sellers have a new look for a new concourse. The old one is still going in the old concourse (which is now used for arrivals only, until it gets zapped sometime next year).

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