Friday, December 2, 2011

Recent arrivals - December 2011

A round-up of places that have opened, closed or changed in King’s Cross in the last couple of months. Click on place names or photos for details, directions etc.


  • eat_st2.jpg
  • Street food pioneers Eat St are now a regular fixture with a delicious and diverse selection of stalls at the top of King’s Boulevard every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday lunchtime.
  • bean_and_gone1.jpg
  • At the bottom end of King’s Boulevard Bean & Gone is a little red van selling high quality coffee every weekday.
  • cafe_niko1.jpg
  • Cafe Niko is a lovely little café on the Priory Green estate that has been going since March but I only just found it.


  • unique_spice1.jpg
  • I remember getting takeaways from Balti Express when working late in 1998. It had got a bit shabby and food quality had also declined so it’s good to see it re-born and under new management as Unique Spice.
  • backpackers_bar1.jpg
  • The Brill restaurant is now the Backpackers Bar but has kept its takeaway operation Brill To Go next door.
  • somers_town_coffee_house1.jpg
  • It’s always a worry when a good pub gets taken over but fortunately the new management of the stunning Somers Town Coffee House seem like an interesting outfit who appreciate what a fine place they’ve taken on.
  • vigata1.jpg
  • The Il Casale pizzeria up at the Nido student tower blocks on Pentonville Road is now called Vigata.
  • swintons1.jpg
  • Swintons became Navya’s for a few months but is now Swintons again, and is no longer serving Malaysian food.
  • blue_river1.jpg
  • Likewise the Blue River café is also back to its original name after a spell as Café Napoli.


The Café & Tapas chain is still going but its branch in King’s Cross tube station has closed after less than a year. Perhaps eating tapas in an underground corridor didn’t quite deliver an authentic Spanish experience.

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  1. Ganhar Dinheiro

    Tuesday, December 27, 2011 - 04:39:57

    blue river cafe really is a nice place. thanks for those images. Also next time ill go to check swintons :)