Monday, October 17, 2011

The Liquorice Line

The people behind National Baking Week have made a large and edible tube map topped with various tasty-looking London landmarks inside St Pancras station. I went and took some pics…

I was confused by the thing on the left but judging by its postion on the map (see bottom pic) I think it’s meant to be Angel.

Close-up of a non-edible train.

Side view of Marble Arch.
Thanks to Simon Powell for pointing this out in the comments. I thought from the location that it was Buckingham Palace

The list of baking week tube stations includes: Add 250ml Waterloo, Baker Week, Bethnal Cream, Charing Hot Cross Bun, Imperial Mint Wharf Cake, Leicester Flapjack Square, Liverpool Key Lime Pie Street, Puddington, St Pancake, Swiss Roll Cottage, Victoria Sponge, White Chocolate Cheesecake Chapel.

I think Tate Modern has lost its way slightly and there’s a tube train on an overground line, but all in all a pretty good effort.

If you want to avoid getting into a sticky mess remember to use our King’s Cross St Pancras tube guide - it will help you avoid those long walks to and from the Victoria Sponge line.

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