Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Platform 9 and 3/4 moves again

Update: August 2011
Platform 9¾ has moved yet again. See the Platform 9¾ page in our Attractions section for more details.


Original post:
Important news for Harry Potter fans and anyone else travelling to Hogwarts.

Official Network Rail document refers to “muggles”

As the construction of the new King’s Cross station concourse continues, Network Rail have produced a leaflet explaining how the station layout will be affected by the renovation of Platform 8 (which is where Platform 9¾ was until recently).

As well as affecting access routes and bicycle racks, the work also means that Platform 9¾ has moved again and - just to keep me on my toes - will probably move again over the next summer months, as the leaflet explains:

Magical Platform 9¾
The legendary entrance will relocate itself several times between now and September, materialising in a number of locations around the station to accommodate this short phase of work. Any muggles trying to find Platform 9¾ should ask station staff to point them in the right direction.

You can find this information in a PDF on First Capital Connect’s website.

So, Platform 9¾ is now at the front of the station where it’s getting noticed by many more people than when it was hidden away in a quiet corner. It still has a pretend wall but with so much re-location going on we can probably live with that.

Find more photos and directions on KXLDN’s Platform 9¾ page.
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