Friday, May 13, 2011

Chickened out

Many of the first visitors to KXLDN were Googlers of the phrase “kfc kings cross closed” so I thought I’d get the blog up and running with a post for you KFC-hunters.


I can take or leave KFC (usually leave), but the tiny King’s Cross branch used to get queues at lunchtime and was often packed out in the early hours at weekends. If anything they could probably have used a bigger site, but instead they closed at the beginning of May.

I was going to email KFC to see what was happening but a few days later the answer became clear when the King’s Cross branch vanished from their website. So for the time being at least it looks as if they’re gone.

Maybe they’ll show up again in the re-developed King’s Cross station next year, but judging by this map on their website it doesn’t look as if their plans involve having much of a presence in central London these days:


KFC was in a prime location and I’ll update the site when a new business turns up there, but on May 13th it looked like this:


Meanwhile if you still need a chicken fix, the nearest KFCs are in Camden and Islington, while round here you can find Nando’s, Q’s Chicken and King Rooster.